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Best Email Program For Windows

Managing mail is not always a difficult problem or not even a problem if you are productive enough. But, when it comes to productivity, email management does look like a menace. To opt out, several companies have come up with some good email clients for windows and Mac. The below list email clients for PC are probably the best email programs for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Best Windows Email Clients/Programs

Email Clients for Desktop are nothing but a software that when installed on Windows PC, works as regular email managing program.


Best Email Program For WIndows

Mailbird For Windows

The Mailbird email client is probably the best email client program for Windows desktop users. Connecting all your Messaging accounts, Calender tasks, and email accounts, Mailbird suites as a perfect Windows mail client. I personally recommend Mailbird to be a must try email client to Windows users. There are several great reviews of Mailbird on the Web: itworld, pcworld etc where you can find more about them. Download Mailbird Email Client For Windows 10, 8, 7: Mailbird

Mailbird Key-Features

  • Supporting IMAP & POP 3 functionality, Mailbird can connect and sync multiple email accounts.
  • Integrated features like Messaging and Calender tasks.
  • Mailbird supports all the working Windows platforms.
  • Complete support for touch is enabled to full on Touch interaction.
  • Manual customization enabled with pre-available themes and layouts.


Best Email Program For WIndows

Thunderbird For Windows

Thunderbird email client for Windows is one of the great email clients for Windows Desktops. With a ton load of email features, the Thunderbird make your email managing a simple task. If you are anyway upset with Mailbird, then you should definitely try Thunderbird. Because, both the email clients are so unique that you will love both or at least one of them for sure. Download Thunderbird Email Client For Windows: Thunderbird

Thunderbird Key-Features

  • Multiple channel chatting allows the users to text with multiple messaging accounts.
  • One-click Address book and attachment remainder.
  • Quick filter and Message archive functions enabled.
  • Search tools to search locally and the Web.
  • Addons and customizable layout with enable smart folders.

eM Client

Best Email Program For Windows

eM Client For Windows

eM Client is a perfect mail alternative to any email client. The Windows mail program has a great modern and easy to use interface supporting Google Apps and Exchange. Sync all the data with ease and start your mail productive day using eM Client. You can literally dump your default mail client and go for eM Client, it is that reliable. Download eM Client For Windows: eM Client

Key-Features of eM Client

  • Import Mail, Apps, Contacts, and other data with ease and quickly from your previous mail client.
  • Outlook killer with advanced sync features.
  • Flexible local search to find what you are looking for with-in the data.
  • Supports all Windows platforms right from Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • Integrated touch support for touch interaction and file transfer via chat.


Best Email Program For Windows

Inky For Windows

Inky is yet another top email client program available for Windows PCs. Simple and easy to use Email client but some features are to be purchased. However, all Gmail, iCloud, and Outlook account can be synced for free. Download Inky Email Client For Windows: Inky

Key Features Of Inky

  • Sync across accounts in unlimited devices.
  • With $5/month, you can access Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts.
  • Inky Enterprise enables the users to have customizable solutions.
  • Easy integration and Quick synching functionality.
  • Advanced search filtering and Smart sending options.


Best Email Program For Windows For Windows

Microsoft’s official email client for Windows is the most used Email client service by the Windows users. It has several companies linked up to sync their accounts to make the service flexible. Though it has many features that help your day productive, many users tend to seek alternate email clients for outlook. The entire list has best outlook alternative email clients for Windows users. Download For Windows: Outlook.Com

Key Features Of Outlook

  • Sync OneDrive cloud account.
  • Pin important tasks.
  • Advanced search filters.
  • Delete all trash at once with Sweep option.
  • Automatic organization and flexible personalization.
  • Integrated with all Microsoft products.

Opera Mail

Best Email Program For Windows

Opera Mail For Windows

Opera mail is described to be one of the best light weighted and customizable mail client for Windows. Labelling and filtering are never this easy. Smart organizer and intuitive Sorting are key to mail productivity. And a Favourites button to quick access your most used function. Download Opera Mail Emai Client For Windows: Opera Mail

Key Features of Opera Mail

  • Quick read mail with smart labeling.
  • Quickly search your emails and data.
  • Smart quick access with the Favourites.
  • Personalized sorting.


Best Email Program For Windows

Zimbra For Windows

The Zimbra email client for Windows is a total rip off to Apple’s Mail for Mac OS. The ease and accessibility to mail is so convincing you might just want to use Zimbra. On that not, Zimbra is available as a product Demo, Trial, and a Pro version. Since the integration with Microsoft is complete, everything from Outlook can be directly synced. Download Zimbra Email Client For Windows: Zimbra

Keay Features Of Zimbra

  • Sync all Mails, Folders, Calenders and Tasks.
  • Advanced file & folder sharing features.
  • Excellent user-interface.
  • Create an out-of-office mail using Zimbra.
  • Granular Folder sharing with Co-workers.


Best Email Program For Windows

MetroMail For Windows

The MetroMail by “Apoelin” yet another rip off to Apple’s Mail but it is exclusively for Gmail. If you are looking for a great Gmail client for Windows, then MetroMail is what you should go after. Interesting that approximately 1200 users rated 5/5 for MetroMail Gmail client. There is a trial version which expires after 30 days. But the pro version is no different with the ads removed. Download MetroMail Email Client For Windows: MetrioMail

Key features Of MetroMail

  • First class Gmail experience to Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Almost all the Gmail features like Labelling, Archiving etc are included.
  • Feature rich email client with excellent user-interface integration.
  • Available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 10.
  • Instant Live tile Synching between your devices.


Best Email Program For Windows

IncrediMail For Windows

IncrediMail is one of the most fun-oriented email clients for Windows. There are several features that make texting and emailing fun and addictive. With the integrated animations, mailing is never boring but exciting. IncrediMail by “Perion” absolutely free for all the users. Download IncrediMail Email Client For Windows: IncrediMail

Key Features Of IncrediMail

  • Share photos with ease.
  • Send decorated texts, funny emoticons, animations, and animated e-cards.
  • Animated email notification alerts
  • Absolute 3D effects add more fun to your Mailing.


Best Email Client For Windows

Foxmail for Windows

Foxmail email client for Windows is yet another great email program available for free to Windows and Mac users. Sync your mail account and start your mail productive day. It’s that simple and that easy. The latest updated brings one of the best interfaces for a mail client ever. Download Foxmail Email Client For Windows: Foxmail

Other Mail Clients To Look For

Pegasus Mail

Mulberry Mail

Sylpheed Mail

InScribe mail

Claws Mail

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