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Ubisoft and Xbox; those two names go together very well. In fact, Ubisoft has provided Xbox players with some of the best games seen on the platform: Splinter Cell (and its successors), the Rainbow Six series and, of course, the extremely popularGhost Recon series, just to name a few.

Well….the Xbox 360 has arrived and gamers are expecting more. Will Ubi live up to the challenge? Their first offering for the Xbox 360, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (GR:AW)aims to answer that question. Delayed from what was to originally be an Xbox 360 launch title, GR:AW has kept many gamers on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Ubi said the delay was to improve the framerate and make the game a little more ‘polished’ than it would have been as a launch release.

Was the wait worth it? Did Ubisoft work out whatever kinks may have been present in the gameplay and presentation? WillGR:AW live up to Ubi’s standards, not to mention the hype surrounding the game’s release? Let’s jump right in and find out.


You are Scott Mitchell. You are the leader of the Ghosts; an elite team of soldiers, equipped with the very latest in high-tech military weaponry and defenses. Your mission begins in Mexico City in the year 2013. Some stolen U.S. military surveillance hardware has fallen into the hands of Nicaraguan rebels; it’s your job to stop them. To complicate matters, the Canadian Prime Minister and the U.S. President are also in Mexico City, meeting with the Mexican President to sign the NAJSA (North American Joint Security Agreement) treaty.

Before you’re ready for action, you’ll want to run thoughGR:AW’s training mission. This mission helps you familiarize yourself with the controls in the game as well as the basics of how to issue orders to your troops. While not vastly different from previous Ghost Recon titles, there are enough changes and additions to the control system to present a bit of a learning curve – even for veterans of the series.

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