How to Save GIFs On iPhone and iPad – Easy Way

How to Save GIFs On iPhone and iPad - Easy Way
Saving GIFs requires taking a small number of steps as the Safari Browser designed for the iOS does not consist of a download manager. It is best to go for the given option “Share” rather than downloading GIFs. As because the app Photos do not support GIFs, the first frame of the GIF is only put on view. The file then also contains the same original information stored in the gadget. When GIFs are uploaded on the Facebook or sent as text messages then it acts as planned. In order to view GIFs stored inside the Camera Roll you have to download an app for photo viewing from a third party.

Saving Gifs on iPhone

  1. Open a separate window for the GIF by the means of tapping over the image. In case of messages or the Safari Browser you will have to follow the same mechanism. For viewing the downloaded window of an attachment on an email you require to swipe-up from below the screen.
  2. For saving the GIF, tap on the “Share” key present on the menu-bar and then select the tab “Save Image”. In case of email you just have to tap on the key “Save Image”. The downloading process will take place depending upon the size of the file or the speed of the network and time limit may vary accordingly.
  3. Now by selecting the “Camera Roll” you can open your photos. You will find the GIF at the extreme end of the album “Camera Roll”. By tapping on the thumbnail you can now view the GIFs. The photos will only exhibit the first frame of the GIF. By using the Photos on the iPhone you can manage the GIFs if they are not viewed. The files contain the original GIF frames. If required they can be viewed as full-screen or thumbnail GIFs. They can also be added to the text messages.
  4. With the help of the GIF download an app for viewing the photos like GifPlayer , GifViewer or Photos+. GifViewer and Photos+ include consists of the support of Dropbox. This will help you to choose one among the many GIFs stored inside the Dropbox.
  5. By opening the photo viewing app you can choose a GIF. This enables you to browse the photo albums of your iPhone or iPad just by clicking on the “Browse” key present in the menu-bar. This same option can be found in the GifViewer as “Load GIFs”.
  6. The photo viewer can have more imported files by selecting the option “Camera Roll”. A very little storage space of your gadget will be taken up while copying the files to another new place if the GifViewer or the GifPlayer is used. In case of the Photo+, it incorporates with the existing photo albums; as a result the files don’t need to be copied. In case you do not have enough storage space for saving the GIFs, you can delete a few on the Camera Roll just after you import them to the GifViewer or the GifPlayer.
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