NetSpot Features Pros & Cons | NetSpot Review

NetSpot Features Pros & Cons | NetSpot Review

NetSpot, Hassle Free Wi-Fi at Home and Office


Wi-Fi internet is the new sheriff in town, where online access is concerned. Trouble in getting the connectivity on the several available Wi-Fi ports is in most cases a problem online any reveler has to contend with. It is this dilemma I faced when I got into the online business and needed constant connection before coming face to face with the NetSpot.

Getting solutions to the unique problems of Wi-Fi connectivity is not as easy as many would wish to imagine. Troubleshooting is the order of the day in that regard, with several hiccups to scale. Signal boosters then play an important part in enabling the whole process of troubleshooting to proceed smoothly.

Features of NetSpot Wi-Fi booster

Several features are working right for the NetSpot Wi-Fi booster which may be worth looking at. Some of the features include;

  • Site survey– it is this characteristic that puts the NetSpot above most of the Wi-Fi boosters as it is reputed to give the user the capacity to get to terms with the nature of the network in question. by conducting a complete analysis, of the connectivity, you get the correct level of interference as well as estimating the amount of workstations that one may need to boost.
  • Visual data collection– the Wi-Fi booster has what many would consider being impeccable levels of network data collection. It is the ability to ensure that the security of the data is guaranteed that puts it above others. Unlike some booster, the NetSpot has the visual aids to allow you view all the areas under you Wi-Fi coverage and do away with the areas you may not want to cover quickly.
  • Tamper proof security– the level of secured data within the network booster makes it one of the best tools to use in areas where hackers would wish to interfere with the system as its features are tamper proof.
  • Planning, channel selection and mapping – with the visual aid and the analysis capacity, the NetSpot Wi-Fi booster helps the user to be able to plan the area of Wi-Fi coverage and how to achieve the desired targets.
  • Network analysis and scanning– the software is reputed to give the user the best analysis of the coverage area in terms of getting the demographic and getting to analyze them.
  • Cross-device use- though in most cases used for Mac operating system, the application is working well with other windows operating systems.

With the excitement the wireless network booster has attracted in most quarters dealing with wireless devices, it is clear that the NetSpot is worth its salt when it comes to providing the user with the correct Wi-Fi networks estimates both within homes and offices.

The ability of the app to do odd jobs of auditing, analyzing and reporting on the network strength puts it well placed to allow ease of connectivity. The ease is only meant to be for the people with the system permission as it also keeps the others out of the network at bay. It worked perfectly for me.

NetSpot is finally available for Windows for Free. You can download it here: NetSpot Windows.

NetSpot Features Pros & Cons | NetSpot Review
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