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Mp3skull- Known as Mp3Skull Com

Cited to be the best Mp3 Music downloader, MP3Skull has emerged from being an old school free music downloader to the choice of everyone who craves for free download music but can’t afford to buy it legally. In the earliest of days, Mp3Skull was a cyber revolution for music mp3 downloads but then Mp3Skull had faced a lot of lawsuits from the Music industry that were suffering heavy losses.

After the hardship of time and evolution, Mp3Skull shut down the site and came back a year later only to surprise every competitor and cheer its users with ultra modern design and features. The Mp3Skull website now can let you download free mp3 songs and convert videos to mp3 music downloading.

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How To Use Mp3Skull

It is simple. Yes, let me detail out how to download music from Mp3Skull and how to convert and download music video into mp3 in a quick step by step process.

How to download free Mp3 Music – Mp3Skull

  1. Go to the official Mp3Skull website.
  2. Search for the music track that you want to download using the Title of the track in the search bar.
    Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader | YouTube to Mp3 Converter - Mp3Skull

    Mp3 Music Converter & Downloader

  3. Once you do that, you will be getting a drop down suggestions from the search bar itself and if you couldn’t find the track in the drop down suggestions just type in the complete track title and click search.
    Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader | YouTube to Mp3 Converter - Mp3Skull

    Mp3 Music Converter & Downloader

  4. The search results will be displayed in the form of a list showing all the tracks that are related to your search term. You should find the Music track that you were looking and if you do, you can directly download the track by clicking on the Download option.
  5. If you are not sure whether the Music Mp3 listed in the results are what you were looking for, you can simply use the play option which will play the Video related to the song. That’s cool right!
  6. PS: You also have the option to download the video when you are playing a track from your list. So, it is totally your choice to download Mp3 Music song or download mp3 music video.

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How to convert and download Mp3 Music free – Mp3Skull

  1. Go to the official Mp3Skull website.
  2. It is clearly instructed on top of the search bar with two links, Mp3Skull/Free MP3 Download & YouTube Converter. If are to convert a video into Mp3 and then download, you can choose the option “Free Mp3 Download & YouTube Converter” by clicking on it.
    Best Free Mp3 Music Downloader | YouTube to Mp3 Converter - Mp3Skull

    Mp3 Music Converter & Downloader

  3. Now, all you have to do is to go to Youtube and find the Video that you want to convert into a Music Track. If you already did that, copy the URL of that YouTube Video and paste it in the search bar Mp3Skul and click search.
  4. The URL search should help you convert and download Video into Mp3 music.
  5. But if you face issues searching with URL, I suggest you go with the Artist’s name which is a great alternative.

If you are still confused, don’t worry. We attached a full HOW-To video of Mp3Skull below. Watch the video completely and that should clear everything.

Why Mp3Skull – Free Music Downloader / Free Mp3 Music Converter & Downloader

Unless you are a teenager or a toddler, you pretty well know the good old times when the only source for musical entertainment was the cassette players and walkman. Although most of us weren’t able to afford them, let alone the super costly iPods. But as always, the times changed, and then comes the cyberspace age where everything is found online, even the best of the music. We all got hooked on to the websites to download the ‘free’ music. Mp3 Skull or Mp3skull became one of the top mp3 Music players in the world music market as well as best Mp3 Music Downloader. Below are few key features of Mp3Skull which users think it is best for.

MP3Skull –  Features

1. Easy Download 

You all, before finding the one stop website for music, must have stumbled upon countless other websites that made the surfing experience dreaded and hard. Getting the download button was difficult and made you hate your life. But the biggest pros of Mp3skull has over others is that it doesn’t have hardcore graphics that would take forever to load the web page. The site deals in music and videos only and they load easy.

2. Low Data Usage

Unlike other websites, the download on Mp3skull starts with just a single click of the button. No new links are opened and the file starts downloading. This makes the data quite ‘to the point’ and saves you some decent amount of data charges that would have been eaten up if you tried the same thing on some other website.

3. Great Features

There are music lovers who go on to the internet to download some specific songs, and then there are ones who are just in the mood to extend their playlist to download some random great music. The top downloads feature in mp3skull enables the users to see the most downloaded music, in other words, more popular music, and can download the songs in there. There are several other features which make Mp3skull a class apart from others.

4. Guilt free experience

Many of you must be thinking that this is one of those sites that upload the music illegally but the privacy policy in the website says something else. The music that gets uploaded on the site happens to be free of all the legal bindings and that isn’t ‘stolen music’. The users can share the music with anybody they want and they won’t be doing anything illegal.

5. Ads free

Almost every other music download website is infested with annoying ads and surveys that take up your data as well as time to get rid of and that gets annoying. Mp3skull provides practically a flawless ads free experience so you need not be scared of the extra data charges. It fares better than the Android apps for music downloads as well because it does a good job at sparing the phone storage; Mp3skull provides the same experience, maybe even better.

There are ample reasons for everyone to get over their baseless fixation with other websites and the useless apps full of ads. The fast loading of the pages, easy search, easy one button download among other impressive features make Mp3skull the unabashed leader in the music downloading arena.

Since Mp3Skull is partially illegal to use, the website is on and off several times and has been on different domain extensions. So, if you are not sure whether you have come to the correct spot, then here are few terms people search Mp3Skull for.

Mp3Skull – Best Free YouTube – Mp3 Converter, Downloader
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