Medal of Honor: European Assault Review

Medal of Honor: European Assault Review
Medal of Honor: European Assault Review
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Medal of Honor: European Assault


It seems that a new World War II shooter comes my way each month. It’s no surprise that World War II games are extremely popular among both gamers and developers. Since November alone, we’ve seen Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Brothers in Arms, and now Medal of Honor: European Assault. Call of Duty was a decent game, while Brothers in Arms was fantastic. A few months ago, Electronic Arts announced Medal of Honor: Dogs of War for the consoles. It would later be renamed Medal of Honor: European Assault.

The Medal of Honor franchise was the World War II franchise, until Call of Duty was released and blew everything else out of the water. Medal of Honor games have been very good on the PC for the most part. On the consoles, however, it’s a completely different story. There was Medal of Honor: Frontline, which was a good game that was very similar toMedal of Honor: Allied Assault. In 2003 EA released Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which was a major disappointment. The visuals were poor, the game needed more polish and overall it just felt extremely rushed (and it was rushed). A lot of gamers were let down and most likely will look at new Medal of Honorgames differently. With European Assault, EA wanted to change things and put the franchise in a new direction. They promised an engaging single-player, some multiplayer and, most of all, a wide open battlefield with lots of freedom. While it’s hard to get excited about a new World War II shooter, (especially a new Medal of Honor), Medal of Honor: European Assault might just be what the doctor ordered.


If you’ve played any Medal of Honor game in the past, you assume a few things before you even play the game. One: the game will be extremely linear and force you on to a path. Two: the visuals won’t be anything special. Three: the multiplayer support is bare-bones at best (on the consoles). Let’s see if these assumptions are correct and what new featuresEuropean Assault offers gamers.

You are United States Army Lieutenant William Holt, serving in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Unfortunately, like mostMedal of Honor games, there isn’t really a story. In Medal of Honor: European Assault you will fight in five different historic locations. These range everywhere from France, Belgium and North Africa, all the way to Russia. All of the locations and battles are historically accurate and most were turning points in the war.