The Last Guardian Review | Gameplay, Pros & Cons | PS4

The Last Guardian Review | Gameplay, Pros & Cons

The Last Guardian

Here we present yet another game The Last Guardian is an action adventure game with puzzling elements for PS4 family, developed by genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio .The style elements, themes of this game will have few similarities from their previous games Ico and Shadow of the Colossus for previous PlayStation series. The main theme of this game lies between two unlikely creatures a young boy and Trico a giant creature which is half mammal and half bird. The Last Guardian game main theme is a love and friendship between the Young boy and Trico and their survival in a mysterious world with collapsing ruins, malicious dangers surround them.


It’s a single player game, as a gamer you have to play the young boy role and communicate well with the Trico to overcome terrific hurdles and find out the mysteries of their beautiful fantasy world. The player can control the boy who is unarmed but he can run, jump, climb in sync with Trico .The actions of Trico are driven by animal nature, it’s up to the player to guide Tricho to move around in the mystic environment. Trico plays the dual role throughout the gameplay, Trico acts as the best companion and a protector in that beautiful fantasy world .Sometimes the situation may reverse Trico protects many times the young boy from guards but sometimes young boy has to protect Trico .This game is really exciting which attracts almost every age group but most likely children and teens like this game. The love and friendship between two unlikely creatures are heart touching throughout this gameplay.

The Last Guardian game’s architecture, art, and design are excellent. Background music is excellent; the timing of the music to highlight the key moments was a brilliant idea like Trico uses his tail to protect the boy from that collapsing platform. Players have to keep an eye on Trico’s mood ,the color of Trico’s eye may vary from yellow to purple if Trico is having yellow eyes means cautious mood, purple means Trico is angry. As you advance more in the game you will gain more control over Trico by caring the creature by feeding it and removing arrows from its body. Initially, Trico may refuse to hear the young boy’s commands, refuse to eat and act lazy may want to sleep. Many abilities are given to Trico like the creature can lighten the fire from its tail. Sometimes the creature may move faster than young boy so here comes the real challenge for the gamers is to take control of Trico and finish the game. Everyone can customize a different Trico depends on upon the options selected.

Pros and Cons of The Last Guardian:

Here is a little bit of what we liked and what we didn’t. The following are the most discussed on the game from various sources. If there is anything you want us to know, hit us an email or put your thoughts in the comments, we will feature you on our blog.


  • The battle system is great
  • The story of this game is very good and very creative
  • The development team used programmed key frame animations instead of the more popular motion capture techniques


  • The delay of this game release was bit disappointment
  • Gamers have to play this game in PS4 family so has to invest on new hardware if they own lower versions of PlayStations other than PS4 family.
  • Trico’s design would have been better
  • Controlling Trico is big challenge for gamers 


Long waiting for The Last Guardian game was little disappointing for fans but worth waiting. Overall gameplay is very puzzling with action adventures; your thought process should be quick along with adventure moves. Your syncing with Trico makes you the winner of this mystic game, keep control on Trico’s mood and its action. Overall the trust and friendship between the young boy and the mammal-like creature Trico are very touching. With advanced hardware like PS4 and PS4 pro along with PS VR headsets, this game becomes more involved.

The Last Guardian Review | Gameplay, Pros & Cons | PS4
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