Godzilla: Save the Earth Review

Godzilla: Save the Earth Review
Godzilla: Save the Earth Review
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Godzilla: Save The Earth


Of all the games that were being released in 2004, I was only looking to definitely have two on their official launch day. My main choice, Gran Turismo 4, seems to have reentered development hell once again and won’t be seen until sometime in 2005. Luckily for me, my other must-have title actually made it to retail on time. Unbelievably so, this title wasGodzilla: Save the Earth. Since I’ve been a Godzilla nut since my early days on the planet, I have actually never gotten to actually play a game starring the giant radioactive monster. Seemingly, I’ve always owned the wrong system at the right time to get to relish the thought of becoming my childhood hero and squishing hundreds of helpless humans while in the guise of a 300-foot kaiju.

Finally, my patience has paid off and the opportunity has arrived. Not only will players have the chance to square off against some of the biggest baddies ever to fictionally walk across the planet, but also get to fill the radioactive shoes of the king of the monsters. Now, the only question left to answer is was it all worth the time in waiting or have fans been left out in the cold once again to suffer through a substandard offering. The only way for you to find out is to scroll on down the line and see what the final word is this time around.



If you were to look back in time for the catalyst that broughtGodzilla: Save the Earth to life, besides the previous next-generation game or the upcoming 50th-anniversary movie, you would have to travel back to the year 1968. Godzilla-holics would know right away that I’m referring to none other than the granddaddy of all monster battles, Destroy All Monsters. Being the ninth film in the Godzilla series, and the twentieth Toho picture overall, this film reached down into the depths of what had come before and brought to the screen the first true battle royal in monster history. No less than eight creatures, eleven overall made an appearance in the film, took part in the final fight scene, which became the landmark from which all movies of this caliber would be graded.

Even the plot lines seem to parallel each other somewhat. Aliens (the Vorillium in the game and Kilaaks in the movie) attack the Earth from outer space using controlled monsters to help them in their quest of conquest. It is here that the game detours from the earlier movie, as none of the kaiju seem to be under direct control of the invading forces. However, the similarities are enough to make a mental connection. Attack from outer space has been the most popular motif for the Godzilla series and has reappeared about a half-dozen times. The upcoming Final Wars, due out in Japan on 12/04/04, looks to challenge this lineup with over eleven monsters gracing the screen while still carrying along that “invaders from space” theme seen so prominently in the past.