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There are several free Mp3 music download sites and mp3 Music downloader apps on every corner of the web. Though you have been downloading free music for years, you cannot say that this free mp3 downloader site is trustworthy because of the nature of the Mp3 downloads websites.

Due to the unlimited Mp3 music downloads that happen every day, legally and illegally, to overcome the free websites that offer illegal and free music downloads, the mp3 download websites that have copyright over the content created a subscription policy which users have to pay for to download music free, legally and the legit way. But not users can afford to purchase music and so the demand for free music providers has grown increasingly popular.

Because the demand is high for free music downloads, a lot of spam websites came into existence in which you will find spam, virus, unworthy and misleading content. So, I decided to write an article for free music downloader apps and free music download websites which are the best free music providers available on the market today. Download the music for free and the legit way.

Best Music Downloader For Android

1. 4Shared

The 4Shared app is an advanced music downloader app for all purposes. Generally, the 4Shared App allows you to create an account within and the provided you the access to millions of files in the 4Shared database. You can now search for the required file or desired song and once you found the track, you can simply download it to your phone by adding the track to your account.

Undoubtedly, one of the best music downloader available for Android, the 4Shared music library is humungous with more than 10 Million songs. The key feature is the app filters itself to display mp3 file when you search for Music.

2. SuperCloud – Song MP3 Downloader

The SuperCloud MP3 Music downloader is a simple but great Mp3 music downloader app. Built with a user-friendly interface with direct navigation, Users can search for the song, album, playlist or anything they desired for and download it onto the device.

The superCloud app also allows you to stream songs online. The best feature is that you can stream and download unlimited songs on your device for free. If you are looking for a native Android Music downloader app, you can absolutely go for it.

3. Wynk Music

The Wynk Music app is one of the good music downloader apps. With industry level design standards and providing high-quality music to stream, the Wynk Music is considerable the best Music streaming app and music downloader app for Android. With it’s database of 2.5 million songs which includes both Bollywood and international music, the Wynk Music app allows its users to download unlimited songs for free and stream unlimited songs as well.

4. Tunee Music

The Tunee Music app for Android was first introduced to the Google Play Store a couple of years back but removed from it due to violations. But, with the support of UptoDown, they have come up again to serve the needs of millions of users who are craving for an app that can download free and quality music. The Tunee Music app is absolutely free of cost provides unlimited music download for Android devices.

5. Google Play Music

The first generation music download app for Android from Google, the Google Play Music, is one of the most reliable Music apps. Initially, the Google Play music app didn’t allow the users to download music but then in the later updates, the users are able to download music offline on Android and listen to them when the device is not connected to the internet.

Though the Music is not downloaded directly to your Android device, it is stored in the cloud storage provided by Google for Google Play users. You might have to purchase storage if you are interested in storing more music for the offline purpose.

6. SoundCloud

The SoundCloud music & audio app is yet another great Mp3 music download app, that resembles Google Play in its features but with several advanced features. SoundCloud allows the users to listen to the Trending songs, Popular Songs, Latest releases and much more. You can create custom playlists and mark music as your favourite and listen to them whenever you want to.

The free app doesn’t allow you to download music, going for the SoundCloud Go, the pro app, will allow you to download mp3 music offline on Android. The best thing about the SoundCloud app is that it provides a native Lock Screen widget through which you can Play, Pause, Resume, Skip, Playback & Forward songs.

7. CopyLeft – Mp3 Music Download

The Music Mp3 Download Free CopyLeft app is described as a free music download app for Android that can download any kind of music. Here is the cache, you can only download songs that are under the CopyLeft and Creative Commons license. But, the developers of the App notifies that all the latest music albums are made available, so that should put users on the positive side.

The key features of the CopyLeft free music download app are that you can download unlimited songs and stream unlimited songs. That’s not all, the songs you download from CopyLeft will be stored in your device’s terminal storage. That is a great sign, as you don’t have to worry about the storage (unless you have a low storage capacity device)

8. Advanced Download Manager

I mean, you can figure it out right! The name itself suggests that it is a Download Manager rather than a Music only downloader. Yes, with Advanced Download Manager, you can download unlimited music and also Videos, Movies, Documents, Images and a lot more.

The reason for considering this download manager for mp3 music is, it gives the users a flexibility to download specific content with ease. Per say, you want to download Music, you can do that just by visiting a website through your mobile browser and then initiating download through Advanced Download Manager. The best feature is, you can run multiple downloads in the background and work on something else in the front.

9. GTunes Music Downloader

The GTunes Android Mp3 Music downloader app is a pretty simple designed app that lets its users download music by searching using the title. Once you find the right mp3 that you are looking for, then you can download it in one tap. The best thing about the app is, you can choose where to store the downloaded songs.

The gTunes Music downloader app is absolutely free and allows users to download unlimited songs. But, before downloading the song, you can listen to a preview of the song instead of a total stream of the song.

10. Free Mp3 Downloads

Yet another Music Mp3 Downloader for Android, the Free Mp3 Downloads, allows the users to download unlimited songs just by searching the Artist name, Title Track, Album name and etc. With 300K+ download and thousands of users rating the app at 5/5, I think its a pretty good option if nothing worked out for you from the above list.

Best Free MP3 Music Downloader Sites

If you are better comfortable with downloading songs on your desktop, PC or a laptop and then transferring them into your mobile or use the downloaded Mp3 songs on your system itself, then here are few free music downloader sites that provide the best music downloading facility.

1. MP3 Box

Download MP3 Box – Free Music Downloader Website

The MP3 Box free music website is described to be the largest free online music database. With millions of users streaming and download music every day, the MP3 Box provides a free registration process, which enables the users to register on the MP3 box for free and download unlimited songs. The website also allows the users to create custom playlists and rate songs.

Most recently, they have also introduced a binary client, which can downloaded to your PC (Windows only) and once you have successfully installed, you can then start free music streaming and free music downloads. MP3 Box has no limitations, you can stream unlimited songs and download unlimited songs (latest, popular and best) for free.

2. MP3Skull

In my opinion, MP3Skull is like the God Father of all the free music downloader websites. I said that because MP3Skull is the only first generation website that provided free music downloads to its users. Though they faced some hardships in late 2010 due to copyrights act, they bounced back in no time with an awesome new interface and adding the facility of converting and downloading youtube videos as well.

Talking about the interface, MP3Skull has a pretty simple interface. All you need to so is to search for the song you are looking for using its title and the results will be displayed in the form of a list below your search bar from where you can download the song. You can even copy and paste the Url from Youtube, which will then be converted into MP3 format and made available for your to download.

3. Fanburst

Fanburst is yet another great Mp3 Music streaming website that provides its users with unlimited streaming of high-quality audio songs. The recently established has grown popular because of its quality service which enables users to signup and stream unlimited music streaming even in slow internet speeds.

Though Fanburst is one of the Top music streaming websites, it doesn’t provide music downloading option. Except that, if you are a great music lover and love to stream music online, then Fanburst is the perfect spot to connect with people, create playlists and stream music songs for free.

4. MP3Jack

Resembling MP3 Skull, the MP3Jack is one of the most popular indie Music downloading website that enables users to download unlimited music free of cost with no registration limitations. Just as in MP3Skull, you can simply search the music track you are looking for using the title of the track and a list of results will be displayed below the search bar. All you need to do is to choose the track you were looking for and stream it live or download it to your PC instantly.

5. DJMazaMp3

DJMazaMp3 is not so popular but a decent website that enables its users to download MP3 Music for free. The website focuses mainly on Indian songs along with serial songs, ringtones etc. Developed in a simple user interface, users can quickly download songs and ringtones with ease.

The disadvantage of the websites is that it doesn’t provide English music streaming and the advantage is that it not only provides free Music downloads but also has free wallpapers, free Gifs, free videos, free themes and much more.


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