Deus Ex: Invisible War – Xbox Review & Rating

Deus Ex: Invisible War


Back in 1999, Half-Life and Thief were two of the hottest games around. Half-Life offered the most intense shooting action ever seen in a First Person Shooter (FPS). Thief showed off some of the most amazing stealth action ever seen at that time. Deus Ex was a game that combined the shooting action of Half-Life and added the stealth elements of Thief, makingDeus Ex one of the most innovative games of the late 90’s. As a shooter, Deus Ex could not compare with Half-Life, nor could it compare with the stealth action of Thief. What made it so amazing was the way the two styles were perfectly blended. Now, the next installment of the Deus Ex series has been released. It contains the same innovative gameplay, with the expected and generous graphical upgrade.


Incredible freedom is the main focus of the gameplay in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It offers the ability to pick up and throw virtually any object. This allows you to play through the game a number of different ways. You can take the stealth path, hiding and moving scenery to accommodate your position. There are also a number of bio-mods to help with your stealth. Another option is to play through the game as a normal shooter. You have just enough firepower to get by using this technique, although sometimes it is not the best option. You can also be innovative with your surroundings when in trouble. Throwing objects to distract or knock out guards can often get you through without being injured.

The complexity and freedom of the game does not translate to difficult controls, as you might think. The ‘A’ button is the action button, turning on lights, picking up objects, and interacting with non-player characters (NPC’s). The right and left triggers are responsible for primary and secondary weapon functions respectively. The ‘X’ button opens the menu to equip and un-equip weapons, restore health, and mod weapons. ‘B’ cycles through the weapons in your inventory and ‘Y’ jumps. ‘White’ opens your notes and ‘Black’ opens the bio-mod menu. The controls are easy to pick up and do not cause any problems throughout the game.

Deus Ex: Invisible War allows you to adjust the difficulty in game. When faced with a difficult situation, simply click the meter down a notch to avoid frustration. Looking for a challenge? Click it up to realistic and you will meet your match. The overall difficulty of the game is challenging, but not to the point where you will be throwing your controller down in anger. I found the whole experience to be quite enjoyable.

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