Corrlinks – Free Federal Email For Inmates | Configure & Setup

Corrlinks - Free Federal Email For Inmates | Configure & Setup

What is Corrlink?

Corrlinks unique way of communication between prisoners and their loved ones are friends. This an email system used by the United State Federal Bureau of Prisons to allow prisoners to communicate with their friends and family. In order to send and receive messages through this system, prisoners have to pay $0.05 per minute and $0.15 to print messages .If any anyone sent to jail due to the cyber-crime they are not allowed to use this option. Corrlinks service is free for outsiders. The prisoners pay for the service with their store money which they earn in the prison, this is the quick way to email your loved ones who are in prison. IN this service federal criminals are allowed to use prison computer. Those computers are supervised by a system continuously.

IN this service federal criminals are allowed to use prison computer. Those computers are supervised by a system continuously. Federal Prisons are allowed to:

  • Contact with Loved ones

It is really a better idea to be in contact with loved ones. Prisons can keep up their relationships with those they care about and who care for them. The Federal Bureau of Prisons permits jailbirds to mail, calls, e-mails, and in-person visits.

  • Correspondence

Prisoners are allowed to send and receive communication from their loved ones like books and magazines from persons, which must be sent straight from the publisher or bookstore. Gift wrapping is not allowed.

  • Calls

Except for holiday months, November and December, all other months’ prisoners can only utilize 300 minutes of calls. But during November and December, they allow prisoners 400 minutes. All the calls made by prisoners are censored and recorded to avoid any further turbulence.


Only registered family member or friends can use this facility. It is free for outsiders to send and receive messages. But prisoners have to pay $.05 per minute.

How to Use CorrLinks to E-mail Federal Prisoners for Free 

  • Invitation by inmate

Corrlinks Invitation

To be linked with federal prisoners, you first have to receive an invitation from them. To get an invitation, it is compulsory to give them your e-mail address first. When a prisoner inputs the email address of his or her family or friends into the TRULINCS system, an auto-generated email is sent to the email address with guidelines on how to create a account. In that prisoner invite you will receive prisoner ID code which is very important for you to join CorrLinks.

  • Registration


Once you receive auto generated mail from TRULINCS system, you have to go to the options register. This will take you to the sign-up page.

  • Sign Up


So you have to add that email address on which you have received that invite and fill out all the essential details. In proof of identity code, you have to enter that code you received in your invitation.

  • E-mail Alerts

corrlinks email alerts

Fill prisoner’s proof of identity code and click the check box of Enable Email Alert and then click accept. Over and done with this you will receive e-mail Alerts. It is essential to do to get notifications otherwise you have to check corrliks daily to see who messaged you. These alerts trigger an automated email to a personal email account alerting a user to a new message from an in prison communicator. This way they are notified and can login to to read the new message.

  • Verification

corrlinks verification

A verification mail will be received. Where they will give you a link to open to verify the account you have created.

  • Account Details Page

corrlinks account detail page

Here you have to fill the details and click next.

  • CorrLinks Account Page

corrlinks account page

This is your account page.

  • Mailbox

corrlinks mailbox

This is the place where you can message your jailbird, by clicking new message. Like our regular email system corrlinks Mailbox has 3 more options like inbox where you receive your messages, draft message and other is sent the message.

  • Message Box

Corrlinks Message Box

After adding your inmates you can click on any one of the inmates you would like to message. Write a message and click on send button. You can message many inmates at a time by choosing several inmates. If you are expecting a response from them you have to check CorrLink daily since this is the only way you can send and receive messages to your federal inmate, as your jailbirds can’t login to any other email system or social media from the computer available in prison.

Corrlinks – Forgot Password

corrlinks forgot password

This Procedure similar to most of the websites we log in or browse daily you just have to click forgot your password, you will be sent to corrlinks password reset page. You have to provide all the mandatory information which they require then your password will be reset automatically.

Task To Perform – After Registration

  1. You can send messages to your Jailbirds.
  2. You can receive messages from your jailbirds.
  3. You can add many prisoners to your list.
  4. You have full rights to block any of the prisoners from your list if  they  bothered you.

Accessing Corrlinks

  1. You can use this service from your PC by logging into CorrLink website:
  2. You can use this service from your mobile through the browser or for android users an app is available called the corrlinks app but messaging through a browser is easier than the app.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Email message size should not exceed 13000
  2. Sending attachments through messages is not possible.
  3. Through Prison computers, prisoners can only send messages but they cannot utilize any other facilities provided by the internet.
  4. You should know your jailbird’s number which is a mandatory.
  5. Messages sent by prisoners are read by the authority before they sent to their loved ones.
  6. Messages can be delivered to Prisoners inbox within 2 hours after sent by their loved ones.

If you find this article not helpful, please find the video below to gain quick setup knowledge on Corrlinks

Corrlinks – Free Federal Email For Inmates | Configure & Setup
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