Condemned: Criminal Origins – Xbox 360 Review & Rating

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Condemned: Criminal Origins


The criminal mind – for years the subject of what drives a person to crime has been pondered by intellectuals constantly, usually leading to no real reason. In the Xbox 360 launch title,Condemned: Criminal Origins, you play an FBI agent by the name of Ethan Thomas, known within the force for his ability to crack even the toughest cases by what seems to be his instinct alone.


In the beginning of the game, it’s established that he is on the hunt for an elusive serial killer known as “The Matchmaker.” After following a fellow officer into a dark building, you see the scene of a gruesome murder. A woman and mannequin look like they were both seated at dinner, except the woman is on the floor, killed by strangulation. This is the kind of sick killings that happen thanks to the mind of this crazed killer. After the grizzly murder scene has been checked for clues, this seemingly routine check on a scene takes a turn for the worst. To make it a long story short, after chasing a suspect through a dark, rundown apartment complex, your character loses his gun to the killer. After a brief (yet violent) confrontation with the suspect, he shoots the two cops that were there to escort you to the crime scene and to back you up.


Now, with your gun used in the murders, you are set out to clear your name of any wrong doing. You lose your job in the force and are wanted as a fugitive at this point. Time ticks against you as you try to put the pieces to this elaborate puzzle together before you’re caught by the police or the killer goes and kills more people.

All of these elements sound like a combination worthy of anyone’s time, but does this inventive title really nail it on the head?

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