Combat Task Force 121 For Xbox Review & Rating

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Combat Task Force 121 Review


Gamers love budget titles. Well…cheap games that are good to be exact. When you buy a twenty dollar game, you probably don’t expect much out of it. With the exception of the ESPN Sports titles and a few other budget titles, most twenty dollar games are terrible.

A few weeks ago Groove Games announced Combat Task Force 121 for both the Xbox and PC. The game was set to have a budget price of $19.99. There would be an exciting single-player campaign as well as a robust online multiplayer mode (according to the developers). Most people will look at this game at the store and see the awesome box art, the nice screenshots on the back and think this could possibly be worth their twenty bucks. However, once you put the game in your Xbox, it’s a completely different story.


There have been many comparisons between this game andRainbow Six 3, as well as Counter-Strike. I can see the Counter-Strike comparison, but in no way is this game heavy on realism. It’s a lot like Counter-Strike in the sense that you can run and gun the whole time.

The story in this game is extremely weak; I wouldn’t even go as far as calling it a story. You’re an elite, covert unit comprised of Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers and USMC Recon personnel. Your mission is to thwart the Marxist Rebels before they can recruit allies and significantly damage U.S. interests. The story never really comes together, because there are no cut-scenes at all. None of the mission briefings will grab your attention, so it’s best to skip those.

There are ten single-player missions in this game that basically revolve around you opening certain doors with codes and getting from Point A to Point B. Combat Task Force 121 is an extremely linear game and, after the first 10 minutes of playing the campaign, you’ll feel extremely ripped off.

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