Close Combat: First to Fight For Xbox Review & Rating

Close Combat: First to Fight Review
Close Combat: First to Fight Review
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Close Combat: First to Fight


By now, most gamers have realized there is a surplus of shooting games on the Xbox. Having a ton of shooters isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does make you pick and choose which shooters you will be able to play.

The Xbox is also home to the Tom Clancy franchises, all of which are tactical shooters where authenticity and realism come first. Sometimes they miss the mark, but there is one game that stands out above and beyond the rest in terms of realism, authenticity and the use of real military tactics. That game is Full Spectrum Warrior, which is a variant of an actual program/game used to train the United States Military.

Now, Destineer has unleashed Close Combat: First to Fight on the Xbox, as well as the PC, with a Mac release in the coming weeks. Close Combat isn’t your ordinary tactical shooter. The game is actually used as a training tool for the United States Marines. With so many similar games on the Xbox, Close Combat will have to stand out in some way to get gamers’ attention.


The best way to describe Close Combat: First to Fight would be a mix of Rainbow Six 3 and Full Spectrum Warrior. Throughout the game, you will have control of a four-man squad of Marines. Unlike Full Spectrum Warrior, you do get to shoot the gun while telling your men what to do.

In Close Combat: First to Fight there are five extremely long missions that are split up into different ‘checkpoints’. Although only five missions sounds like too few, it really isn’t because they are quite long and challenging. Most of the missions will take place during the day in the streets of the city, factories, hospitals and sewers.