Catwoman For Xbox Review & Rating

Catwoman Review
Catwoman Review
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EA Games’ Catwoman will continue to disappoint gamers that are hoping movie-based video games are actually seeing a turnaround. It’s another title that was obviously made and put on store shelves just to coincide with its cinema counterpart in attempts to draw in a little more cash. Just like all the other games that do the same, this one is quite bad.


The Catwoman game follows the same story as the film. You control the late Patience Phillips (it should be noted that theBatman name of Catwoman is Selina Kyle) as she prances about different locales to stop random crimes. There’s almost no backstory (or any story for that part) in the game, and it seems as though you are supposed to go see the movie if you want a story. The story gives you almost no reason to want to fight crime. By the time I was a quarter of the way through, I wondered why she didn’t just lie down and purr for the rest of the game.

What’s worse about the corny, pointless story is the dialogue and actions to back it up. Most of the levels find Patience roaming through back alleys and jewelry stores following scent trails until you finally find someone to fight. However, by that time you will have heard some of the worst, and overdone dialogue ever to be pumped out of your speakers. Halle Berry does the voice acting for her character, but she over-delivers almost every cheesy line. Not to mention the dialogue is inserted in certain places for no reason. At one point I was just wandering down an alleyway when she started talking to someone that wasn’t there.

Catwoman tries to play off as a Prince of Persia-like action/platformer, but its shorter controls and poor combat mechanics leave you feeling like Garfield rather than Catwoman: immobile. Combat is controlled by movements of the right analog stick. Flick it one way and Catwoman may use her whip or punch an enemy depending on your proximity. If you want to do a kick, pull down on the right trigger and then flick the analog stick. The problem with this analog control is because your finger will mostly be resting on the stick, the two trigger buttons are used for basically every other action. I don’t know about anyone else, but it just feels a little too weird to use the right trigger to jump. The face buttons are pretty much useless for anything. What’s worse about the combat system is the enemies just do not die. You can beat up on them, but they’ll never die; they’ll just get back up and remain immobile with a bright pink glow surrounding them. The only way that enemies seem to be removed completely is when you manage to kick them into a trash can or off a roof (though they’ll still manage to live after that drop).