Call of Duty: Finest Hour Review & Rating

Call of Duty: Finest Hour Review
Call of Duty: Finest Hour Review
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Call of Duty: Finest Hour


“In war, no one fights alone.”

Call of Duty: Finest Hour (COD: Finest Hour ) takes you on a journey through the world’s war-torn history, alongside several of your brother/sisters-in-arms. In various stages and battles of World War II, you’ll fight alongside your fellow soldiers. The frontlines of war will become all too familiar to you after you’ve been battle tested through many of the war’s intense, historic battles. You’ll find yourself navigating through various parts of Russia, North Africa, and other Eastern/Western fronts.

Is this just a typical shooter amongst dozens plaguing the Xbox this holiday season? Will it live up to its PC counterpart? Activision and Spark Unlimited sure thinks so, but there’s only one way to truly find out – take to duty with this review!


COD: Finest Hour rips you through several intense battles during World War II. You fight alongside some key characters that you’ll eventually lead, control and often pair up with to complete the missions involved in the campaigns. You’re simply bound together during the chaos that is war and if you want to survive, you better utilize each character’s strengths. This isn’t a squad-based game, so don’t get worried. If you haven’t played its PC predecessor, COD: Finest Hour is a single-player first-person shooter. Throughout the game, you’ll be thrust into different roles. Before it ends, you’ll have been an American, Russian and British solider. Each of these soldiers will have their ‘day in the sun’ so to speak. One will have you deep in the heart of the Battle of Stalingrad while another will lead you to battle Nazi tank forces throughout Belgium as an American tank commander from the famed 761st “Black Panther” Tank Battalion. You’ll even get to operate and cause havoc driving the tank. Tank missions are spread throughout the game, so don’t worry – there’s more than just one tank sequence.