Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 Review & Rating

Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 Review
Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 Review
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Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360


Like its predecessor, the Xbox 360 is home to a number of fantastic first person shooters. Arguably, the best shooter of last year was Call of Duty 2, the best-selling Xbox 360 title to date. It was a masterpiece; however, it was plagued by some serious online issues. Now, a year later, Activision has teamed up with Treyarch (the developers of Call of Duty 2: Big Red One) to bring Xbox 360 owners the next chapter in the acclaimed Call of Duty franchise. Most gamers, including myself, were skeptical when Activision announced Call of Duty 3 at E3 in May. First, the game was slated for a fall 2006 release and Infinity Ward, the developers of Call of Duty 2 weren’t behind the project. How could this new game top our beloved Call of Duty 3 within just a year? With a new development team behind it and stiffer competition, Call of Duty 3 has its work cut out for it. Is Call of Duty 3 worth another tour of duty through the battlefields of Europe? Come with me to find out.


The Call of Duty franchise, for the most part, is a run and gun shooter. Cover is important, however, it’s not vital to your success. One of the reasons I’m so fond of the franchise is that you’re always fighting with lots of other soldiers. This is good for a number of reasons. With so many allies around you, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the middle of Europe fighting the Nazis. They provide covering fire; knock down doors, and do all the little things one would expect a squad to do.

The gameplay in Call of Duty 3 is largely the same as it was inCall of Duty 2. The Germans find cover quite easily, so you’ll have to do the same throughout the campaign. This time, however, Cover is destructible meaning nothing is safe. At the beginning of the game I took cover behind some boxes; within seconds they were gone and I was dead. Gamers will have to choose their cover wisely if they wish to survive.

Most of the missions are fairly straightforward. The objectives range from clearing out a house, taking out a mortar team, helping someone get back with their squad, and the like. Treyarch did a good job mixing it up throughout the campaign with the use of vehicles. You’ll get to take control of tanks, Jeeps, and motorcycles throughout the singleplayer game.