Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Review

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Review
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Review
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Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30


What comes to your mind when you think of World War II games? Call of Duty?, Medal of Honor?, Wolfenstein? Well, now it’s time to add Brothers in Arms to the very top of that list, because it surpasses each one of those other games in every possible way.

If you’ve ever watched the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, you’ll be extremely familiar with Brothers in Arms. You are Sergeant Matt Baker from the 101st Airborne Division, which was one of the first squads on the ground during the D-Day Invasion. Many of the planes you came in were shot down, other soldiers died before they jumped and most of the 101st was scattered throughout Normandy. With the Germans advancing behind you, it’s your job to clear a path from the beaches into the mainland and then advance from there. These men in the 101st were extremely brave men and the game pays tribute to their sacrifices. By the time they came home, they were one of the most honored and decorated squads in the military.

Brothers in Arms starts out with a bang. You are getting ready to make your jump, with your squad, out of a plane flying over Normandy. As you look outside the window, you see AA guns shooting up at your plane and the ones around you. When you look back at your men, you see some throwing up, others scared as hell and…well…you get it. Suddenly, the plane starts to shake and you realize that the plane is hit. All your men are pressuring you to jump, but Sgt. Baker says, “We wait for the green light!” That scene right there is one of the most intense I’ve ever experienced in a game.

The men you control and Sgt. Baker were not real soldiers, but they do portray actual men that fought. Does Brothers in Armsdo anything to differentiate itself from other shooters in the World War II genre? Read on to find out.


Gearbox Software wanted to create a game that was heavy on realism, and something that was a totally different spin on the World War II genre. Well, they did just that and it’s immediately clear that they did their homework. Brothers in Arms is a tactical WWII FPS, where you have control of multiple squads of men. It’s kind of like Rainbow Six, or maybe Full Spectrum Warrior meets Call of Duty. The game itself takes place over a period of eight days (don’t worry there’s plenty of missions), during the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.