BloodRayne Xbox Review & Rating

BloodRayne Xbox Review & Rating
BloodRayne Xbox Review & Rating
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When talking about Majesco’s BloodRayne, numerous comparisons are inevitable. Allow me to make the most obvious one right away: Yes, the main character is the female version of Blade. They are both half human, half vampire. They are both driven to hunt other, full-fledged vampires. They both shoot a lot of stuff, blow a lot of stuff up, and make Swiss cheese out of a lot of stuff with very sharp objects. You get the point. These two characters are very similar, gender aside. However, is that such a bad thing? I mean, Blade just kicks ass in every way possible. So his female counterpart should do the same and just be sexier about it, right? Read on to find out.

Before we get to why our heroine does what she does, let’s review who she is. Her mother was raped by her father, who just happened to be a vampire. Naturally, Rayne is born as a half human and half vampire crossbreed, which is otherwise known as a ‘dhampir’. Why the term isn’t ‘vampman’ or ‘humpire’ I don’t know. Wait, yes I do – those are just plain silly. Ok, I don’t know why they put a ‘d’ in there, but that’s what they are called, trust me. Anyway – on with the story. Rayne is taken in by a top-secret underground organization known as the Brimstone Society, and she becomes Agent BloodRayne. Her task is to intervene in any freaky supernatural stuff, thus protecting mankind. She works as an assassin for the Brimstone Society between World Wars. Two of her missions, which were separated by five years, end up pointing to one individual who seeks to collect occult artifacts, which will help him dominate the world. Think for a minute about who was interested in freaky supernatural stuff in the years after WWI and leading up to WWII. Yes ladies and gentlemen, those videogame villains everyone loves to hate, the Nazis. Agent BloodRayne must stop their quest to gather all the artifacts, and prevent them from releasing terrible evils upon the world.


The object of the game is pretty simple; kill everything. The levels are broken down into three main locations: Louisiana, Argentina, and Germany. As you traverse these regions, you will find all sorts of weird and disturbing things to kill. Some of these include swamp zombies, ancient parasites (which kinda look like nasty fetus heads with spines) and of course Nazis. One of the first enemies you encounter, however, is also one of the weirdest. They have a name, but I can’t remember it. I’d describe them as a cross between a mutant spider, and a walking stick. No, I don’t mean some random hunk of wood, but the actual insect called a walking stick. Except made out of a bamboo-like substance. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. Look for yourself…