Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases – Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases - Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

iPhone 7 has been released and people are crazy for the device. The newest edition iPhone 7 Jet Black is on top of the line but not scratch proof. Though the code coloring is what make the Jet Black attractive, you still have to bother for the unexpected scratches. So we bring you few iPhone 7 cases which I think are better than most of the iPhone 7 cases that you have tried. The list of iPhone 7 cases includes Leather, Waterproof, Battery pack, and Transparent iPhone 7 cases. Note: All the cases below are listed after reviewing them personally.

iPhone 7 Cases

There are a lot of accessories for the iPhones in the market and we can assume that they will remain more or less the same once the new iPhone 7 ventures into the market. So, let us take a look at some of the most popular iPhone 7 covers and iPhone 7 cases that can protect the iPhones and how useful they can be.

Waterproof case (YOSH)

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases - Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

This beauty from one of the leaders in the segment is designed specifically keeping in mind the delicate design that comes with an iPhone, iPhone 6 series to be more precise. This may be a little bit higher when it comes to the price but offers strong protection to the device from water. Other than that, one big advantage that comes with the product is the fact that this happens to be a universal size which would fit almost all the mobile phones that are 6 inches or higher. Along with it, it offers an extra space for ID cards and credit cards. Additional benefits coming with it are flexibility and a lifetime warranty. At USD 6.99, the iPhone 7 case isn’t a bad deal at all.

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KEEPFUNNY lear Crystal Rubber

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases - Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

This particular accessory is one of the most popular ones among the iPhone fanatics. It comes with one of the bet shock and drop resistant technologies present in the market at present. The slim and very attractive design make sure that it doesn’t add any extra weight or bulk to the phone and goes pretty well with the high-end beauty of the device. The crystal clear back of the case makes sure that the original color of the iPhone doesn’t fade out and the iPhone 7 cases makes sure that it looks as shiny as it can. USD $11.49 is what you would have to spend for the beautiful case.

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Leather wallet card case by LOHA

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases - Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

This unique mobile case has gained a cult following over the past couple of years. Along with providing the high-end protection to the device. This iPhone 7 case also serves as a wallet for the user. The cool slots for ID cards, cash and credit cards make sure that you don’t have to carry a bulky wallet every time you walk out. The slim fit design is extremely attractive to look at and is available in some great colors. The handcrafted leather feels soft and the lifetime warranty on the product is an additional advantage. A free of cost screen protector has been included with the case. At USD 33.99, it is a classy accessory to have. In my opinion, this is one of the best leather iPhone 7 cases.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air- Battery Pack case

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases - Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack

A 2,750mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with extended battery life that comes with a protective cover is something every iPhone user must have with them. It extends the usual battery life to a whopping 100 % and offers a pro level protection to the phone. The rubberized edges make sure that your phone remains as new if it gets dropped accidentally due to the high-end shock absorption. This easy to install accessory comes in many different colors. The inbuilt LED power indicator keeps reminding one of the battery statuses and indicates when the phone needs to be charged. As the battery time is extended insanely, enjoy the device without worrying about the power consumption. This is available online at USD 99.95.

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Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases – Leather+Waterproof+BatteryPack
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