Batman Begins Xbox Review & Rating

Batman Begins Xbox Review & Rating
Batman Begins Xbox Review & Rating
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As most gamers know, Hollywood blockbusters generally don’t translate into good games. That’s bad enough; but when you step back and realize that every Batman game released has been total crap, you get even more worried. Just look atCatwoman (based on the comics), and then I think there were two more Batman games for the Xbox that didn’t fare to well.

With the release of the newest Batman movie (Batman Begins) comes a game based on the film. As I said before, most games based on films are generally poor (aside from a few standout games). With EA at the helm of this highly anticipated movie title, some might begin to wonder what the game will be like. Let’s take a look and see if this movie-inspired game fares any better than the rest of them.



If you ever seen any of the Batman films, you should be quite familiar with the basic premise of the game. Gotham City is going down the gutter because of corrupt cops, drug dealers and the like. Batman Begins shows you how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman – hence the title. The game closely follows the movie, aside from a few minor differences, but nothing major. Like a lot of games that coincide with a movie release, there are movie clips that help progress the story. I highly suggest seeing the film first, because you’ll have a much clearer picture of what exactly is happening.

Fear – what does fear mean to you? After seeing or playingBatman Begins, you should have a different meaning of fear. InBatman Begins you instill fear upon your enemies and use it to your advantage in almost every way possible. How do you make them fear the Dark Knight, might you ask? Well, like the film, Batman uses the environment to his advantage. See some barrels of oil that might be useful? Throw something at them and watch them tumble down near your enemies, making them drop their weapons and start talking about what might have caused that. There is a tons of other ways to frighten the thugs of Gotham, such as turning on a gas stove and throwing a Batarang at it. Although using fear as your weapon is very cool, it does seem very scripted predictable at times. The Dark Knight doesn’t use guns, so if you go into a room and the thugs have their guns out, your toast. So, to get them to drop those weapons you need to make them scared somehow, using the environment. While it seems cool, and it is for the first few hours, towards the end it seems like you’re doing the same thing over and over. Go in a room, look for something to cause fear in your enemies and go from there. After they’ve been scared you can just fight them to the death, which is extremely easy. While the fear thing was an excellent idea, it just doesn’t seem to flow as cohesively as the developers wanted.