Area 51 For Xbox Review & Rating

Area 51 For Xbox Review & Rating
Area 51 For Xbox Review & Rating
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Area 51


  • Government conspiracy-check aliens-check
  • Aliens-check David Duchovny-check
  • David Duchovny-check gameplay-no comment.
  • Gameplay-no comment.

Remember the good old days, when you’d be at your local pizza parlor asking your dad for more quarters so you could continue playing Area 51 with your buddies? I remember them; I loved the arcade game myself, and I know a lot of other people did too.

Midway decided to resurrect this old game and make it into a full blown console shooter (without a light gun, mind you). The game itself seemed very promising and looked like it could be one of the best multiplatform shooters to be released in quite some time. With lots of aliens, blood, guns and a little too much David Duchovny, Area 51 has finally been released in all its glory on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. So, does this sci-fi shooter do anything to separate itself from the crowd or is it just another shooter with lots of eye candy?

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