Apple Wireless AirPods Features, Pros & Cons | AirPods Review

Apple Wireless AirPods Features, Pros & Cons | AirPods Review

The September Apple event went amazingly well. It’s the Apple way, evolution with surprises. The biggest and brave step Apple took was to launch Apple AirPods. Ignoring the 3.5mm audio jack for iPhone 7, Apple decided to go with wireless AirPods instead switching to lightning headphones. Wireless AirPods & iPhone 7, that’s considering the billions of users using the predecessors with wired earphones, it is both challenging and revolutionary. I don’t want to praise more, let’s get into details and see what you think.

Wireless AirPods

Apple’s new audio accessory kit, Wireless AirPods, are the next generation wireless smart-earphones. Yes! You heard me correct, AirPods are smart and am gonna detail out everything for you.

Technical Specifications

Integrated with a custom designed Apple W1 chip, the wireless AirPods have a built-in sensor that can respond by tapping either of the AirPods or by removing them. With this amazing feature, the AirPods can auto stop playing music when plugged-out of ears. Users can simply double-tap on either of the AirPods to activate Siri, the Voice AI and you know what you can do with Siri better than me. But yeah, you can make calls, turn-on music, turn up the volume, set navigation and more using Siri through AirPods.

Apple Wireless AirPods Features, Pros & Cons | AirPods Review

Apple Wireless AirPods Features, Pros & Cons | AirPods Review

The AirPods can also sense when you are Talking and when you are Listening. The W1 chip helps focus on the noise cancellation and control audio when you are on call.

Of course, battery concerns everyone. But, here’s a cache. With a single charge, you can listen through AirPods for 5 continuous hours and the AirPods holder case can be used to recharge the AirPods and has the capacity to recharge the AirPods multiple times or per say, can give up to 24 hours of battery life. With a quick 15 Min charging, you get a 3-hour battery life which is lightning quick.

The automatic sync with all your Apple devices makes your life much better as you don’t have to configure AirPods separately for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

AirPods Pros & Cons

If you are an Apple enthusiast, you will pretty much love the product.And if you are an Audio & Music enthusiast, you might find it bit cozy in the beginning but you will eventually get used to that. To be honest, I personally feel AirPods are the best Wireless smart-earphones till date and there won’t be a competitor to AirPods for the next 2-5 years.
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Apple Wireless AirPods Features, Pros & Cons | AirPods Review
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