Ace Banana Review – PSVR – PlayStation VR – PlayStation 4

Ace Banana Review - PSVR - PlayStation VR - PlayStation 4

Just after the launch of PSVR, we have heard great reviews from both Critics and Fans. No wonder they had to make it huge with PS4 criticized for too long with the drawbacks of not able to partner with TV, no voice recognization and resembling the PS3/Xbox 360 as a matter of fact. According to the latest SONY announcements, PSVR sales has reached many thousands and the company is expecting a Million sales in the next couple of years.

Coming the Games for PSVR, the Oasis Games released Ace Banana earlier this week and believe me, my first experience on the PSVR is not the best but I wouldn’t consider it to be the worst as well. It’s a fair thing right! Good game, Great interaction methods, Addictive modules and a perfect game for PSVR debut. So, why wait! Let’s get into the game!

Ace Banana

The Ace Banana game is a shooter style Arcadish game in which the player has to defend the bananas from being stolen by monkeys. Wait What!! Well, Yeah! I thought of it for a while and said to myself, “whatever bruh! Hope the game doesn’t disappoint”. And honestly speaking, the game is entertaining and I kind liked it more than what I thought I would initially.

Game Play

Let me keep it short. The player starts assuming himself as a skilled Banana Archer who then, have to save the Innocent bananas from the monkeys that stole them with different tactics.

In the process, the Banana Archer can shoot arrows of different types. Like, the player can shoot a normal arrow, rubber arrow, fish arrow, panda arrow and several such arrows depending on the kind of threat possessed by the monkeys.

Ace Banana Review - PSVR - PlayStation VR - PlayStation 4

In the gameplay, there are a total of 16 stages in which monkeys come and stole the bananas. The player has to be alert and aware of the surroundings all the time to safeguard and protect the bananas. Even one banana stolen in the initial stages will narrow the chances of getting to the end. If all the bananas are stolen, the game is over and start over all again.

Pros & Cons

After playing the game for hours, though this is my first experience with PlayStation VR, I figured out few things that I really missed, things I really don’t like and why you should play the game.


  • As described by the developers, the concept of the game is unique but kid friendly.
  • Easy to understand interface.
  • Integrated controls of PlayStation 4
  • The best part, the Monkey Stages! You will love it!
  • Cool Arrows for the Player (Archer). One of the many things Kids find interested in and entertained in to get addicted to the game.


  • Not the best of the VR Interface
  • No tutorials or guide for the Gameplay or Controls
  • Malfunctioning of the controls
  • No Multi-Player

So, What now!

I really hope the developers releases frequent patches and regular updates to make the game more interactive and entertaining. I would also like to see more stages and different environments, kinda Forrest, Desert, Ocean, Land etc, to play for.


Apart from the minor drawbacks, the Ace Banana game is worth giving a try. It is interesting, unique, fun and entertaining all along. If you are a complete newbie to VR, I recommend you to try the game after two to three experiences, other than that, Oasis Games just had their perfect debut on PlayStation VR.

Ace Banana Review – PSVR – PlayStation VR – PlayStation 4
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