4Shared Music App – Download Mp3 Music Offline Streaming

4Shared Music App - Download Best Free Music

The 4Shared Music app was initially a dedicated file sharing and accessing service from Net IT Solutions. With regular updates, the 4Shared app has now become the most popular app for downloading music, sharing files like documents, photos, etc directly from your device from anywhere.


One of the top file-sharing apps, 4Shared, works in a unique manner. All the files that are uploaded to the 4Shared are stored in its database. The files can be both public and private, though the public files can be accessed by any 4Shares user, the Private files remain just for the user who owns it.

To download any file from 4Shared, you need to have an account which you get by registering at the official website or through the App. Once you got the account, you are ready to Copy and upload files. The users can even rename the files, download new files into their personal account.

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With a massive database of 30+ Million files, there is rarely a file that you might not find on the 4Shared. The list of files includes Photos, Software, Apps, Games, Documents, Music, Videos and more. Let’s get to know how to use 4Shared for Accessing Music and Streaming Music and Videos.

Android App

[appbox googleplay com.forshared]

iOS App

[appbox appstore id444426162]

4Shared Music

The 4Shared music is nothing but an option in the app. When you install and register on the App, you will find a “Music button”, from where you can access your personal music library. You can create playlists and share them with your friends along with the files.

Download 4Shared Music App: 4Shared

Well, how do you create a playlist or stream music at all? The answer is simple, you have two options, 1. Download the music from a third part app to your mobile phone first and then Upload the files to the 4Shared app. 2. If that doesn’t work for you, then simple search for the music on the 4Shared database and download the file to your cloud.

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4Shared Video

Though you don’t get a dedicated page for uploading videos, like you get to Music on the 4Shared account, you can still upload through the “Saved” section. Simply click on the saved button and the click on “Save file”. That will enable you to upload content from your mobile phone.

Click on the video you want to upload. Once the upload is complete, you can stream the video unlimited times including offline streaming. Just like any other file on 4Shared, you get to share your videos with friends, create playlists, rename videos and there is a lot you can do.

Here is a pretty good video on how to use the 4Shared app

4Shared Storage

Speaking about cloud, you get a 15GB free space with your free account at 4Shared. The memory is completely reusable, meaning, you can upload files, delete them and upload more. The only cache you might find here is, the Ads. Yes! A ton of awesome features don’t come for free, I mean, 4Shared is a free app, but to enjoy the luxury of 4Shared, you need to subscribe to a pro account that costs you around $0.99. That sounds pretty affordable for me, then again, if you are comfortable with the Ads, you are already a pro user 😉

Note: To be honest, there actually was a dedicated 4Shared music app, but due to copyright violations and regulations, the App has been removed from the respective stores of Android and iOS. So, the best alternative you can get is the 4Shared App.

Features of 4Shared

Though I have put everything I know in the content already, I would like to brief out a few things which I think are some of the key features of the 4Shared app.

  • Free 15Gb Cloud storage
  • Easy File Upload and Download
  • Create Playlists, Rename Files and Share them with other users
  • Free Music and Video Streaming.
  • Offline Streaming for free
  • Pro account with no Ads for just $0.99
4Shared Music App – Download Mp3 Music Offline Streaming
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