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20+ Google Gravity Space, UnderWater, Poop Tricks - Anti Gravity Google

Google Gravity Tricks

Google Gravity tricks are self-made Gravity Google Mr.Doob tricks, that enables the Google Search to work against the Gravity. Basically, Gravity is what stabilizes the Earth to be where it is, what pulls everything down to earth, and what makes things float on water and in space. Applying temporary code blocks to Google Search will make the browser work Anti-Gravity Google.

There are more than 20 Google Anti-Gravity Tricks that can be implemented. Each one is a puzzle on its own and when implemented with a friend or someone you know, I am sure they will be thrilled.

Best Google Gravity Tricks – MrDoob, Elgoog

The following are the best Google Zero Gravity tricks that you can implement on your browsers and test the fun out of the Anti-Gravity Google. Simply follow the link given along with the Trick & Content.

1. Google Gravity – Gravity Google Trick


1. Google Zero Gravity - Google Gravity TrickGoogle Zero Gravity trick is an interesting concept which when implemented on your browser, will flip the contents of the web page upside down including Images and Results. Typing in reverse mode on Google, well, that is fun now. The best feature of Zero Gravity Google is that the contents of the web page don’t follow the Gravity of Google, it simply looses down to bottom, everything, the Text, Images, Search bar.

2. Google Gravity Sphere – Google Sphere Trick


Google Sphere TrickThe Google Gravity Sphere trick is designed to create a spherical display of the web content. The trick, when implemented, will spin all the contents of the web page in a spherical manner. Though you will not be able to search for anything the web, the Google Sphere trick will create a 3D experience of the web. Users can use their mouse or touchpad to control the direct of spin. Try Google Sphere Trick: MrDoob

3. Google Gravity Space – Google Space Trick

Google Gravity Space - Google Space Trick

The Google Space trick is designed to create the presence of web contents in space. The trick when implemented on your browser, will float all the web contents of the page in an irregular form. I mean, though it doesn’t help you search the web, it is pretty cool you made someone’s web page float like as if it is in space. That’s geeky to me. Try Google Space Trick: MrDoob

4. Google Gravity Underwater – Google Underwater Trick

Google Gravity Underwater - Google Underwater TrickThe Underwater Google Gravity trick is designed to create a whole new level of underwater experience of web content. When you implement the trick, you can see some contents of the web page float on a minimalistic background and some sink it. The background is kept simple with half water level and with several species of Fish. Personally, the Google Underwater Gravity trick is one of my favorites. Try Google Zero Gravity Underwater Trick: Elgoog

5. Google Mirror Trick – Google Gravity Mirror


Google Mirror Trick - Google Gravity MirrorThe Google Gravity Mirror trick is designed to create a mirroring reflection of the web contents. When implemented the trick, you will notice the contents of the web page appears as if it is reflected from a mirror. I mean, the best I can explain is, if you stand in front of a mirror, the reflection portrays the opposite of yourself and if you focus the Right side of your body is actually reflected on the left side.(Hope that’s not a dumb example). Though the Google Mirror Gravity trick is fun, the contents of the web page are highly not readable. So, if you want to mess someone, I think the Mirro Google Gravity trick would work fine. Try Google Gravity Mirror Trick: Elgoog

6. Google Terminal Trick – Google Gravity Terminal

Google Terminal Trick - Google Gravity TerminalThe Google Gravity Terminal trick is designed to create a “search via Terminal” experience, which is a typical Hacker life experience. When implemented the Google Terminal Gravity trick, you will notice you browser page beginning to transform into some sort of Terminal (Command Prompt) window and allows you to search by entering “S” and then get the results by clicking enter. It is fun, but the trick will definitely take you to a next level if you play with your friends. Try Google Gravity Terminal Trick: Elgoog

19 Must Try Google Tricks

7. Google Gravity Pac-Man – Google Pac-Man

Google Gravity Pac-Man - Google Pac-ManThe Google Pac-Man, Google Gravity trick is simply a minimalistic game integrated to the Web page which can be played using the arrow buttons of your keyboard. Of course, Pac-Man is obviously great, but yeah, the Google Gravity Pac-Man is more like a time pass trick. But, you can try to be geekish by showing off at your friend by playing Pac-Man on top of Google search bar. Try Google Pac-Man Trick: Elgoog

8. Google Guitar Trick

Google Guitar TrickThe Google Guitar trick, I think, is the coolest one if you are a bit into music. The Google Guitar is designed in such a way, you can hover your mouse over the strings to play the guitar or you can simply use the keys on your keyboard to play the guitar. Each key is associated with a specific string and whenever you press a key, the string associated with it will play. The best part is, there is an option to record the play and once you do that, you can even share the recording using a short URL. That is cool! Try Google Guitar Trick: Elgoog

9. Google Snake Game – Google Gravity Game

Google Snake Game - Google Gravity Game

Like Google Pac-Man, the Google Snake Game is also a minimalistic snake game integrated to the Google Search. With the help of arrow buttons on your keyboard, you can play the game and collect as many coins as you can and use powerups to boost the performance. As mentioned earlier, just a time pass game. Try it and have fun. Try Google Snake Game: Elgoog

10. Google “Do A Barrel Roll” Trick

Google "Do A Barrel Roll" Trick

The Google “Do A Barrel Roll” trick is integrated into the browser and inter-linked to the Google Search. The trick is implemented by simple typing “Do A Barrel Roll” in the Google Search and press enter. Your screen will take a single barrel roll and come back to normal position. If you are to amaze someone, I would ask you to simply give them a short URL of the “Do a Barrel Roll” search URL from google. Once the opponent opens the link, there will be a little panic but eventually, you can surprise him/her. Try Google “Do A Barrel Run” Trick: Google

11. Google Tilt – Google Gravity Tilt Trick

Google Tilt - Google Gravity Tilt Trick

The Google Tilt trick is designed to create a tilting experience of the Web Page. the trick, when implemented, will tilt the browser one side up and the other side down with the contents stay put. Just a basic trick and honestly, I wouldn’t waste my time on this one. Try Google Tilt Trick: Elgoog

12. Google Zerg Rush Trick

Google Zerg Rush Trick

The Zerg Rush, like Do a Barrel Roll trick, is integrated into the browser and inter-linked to the search. So, when you search for the words “Zerg Rush”, you get results for zerg rush but at the same time, each result has a time set for 2 – 3 seconds to disappear from the web page. If you experience this trick for the first time and you don’t know that it is a Google Trick, then you will probably be assuming that your system is hacked or browser has a virus. That’s a fun trick to try on your friends. Try Zerg Rush: Google

13. Chuck Norris Google Trick


Chuck Norris Google TrickI think most of you already know this but I am gonna put this here anyway. The Chuck Norris Google trick is where you search for Chuck Norris on Google and the Google displays no results because you cannot find Chuck Norris, he finds you Bit**. That was pretty cool few years back. But if someone doesn’t know about the trick, please follow the link provided, you will be thrilled, surprised and you will hate me for doing this. Try Chuck Norris Google Trick: Chuck Norris

14. Weenie Google Trick

Weenie Google Trick

The Weenie Google trick is implemented using a third party tool. The trick, when implemented, will make the contents of the web page too small to read. I don’t think users find this trick exciting or interested, but just to have a trick under your list of tricks, follow the link provided. Try Weenie Google Trick: TooSmallToUse

15. Google Easter Egg Trick

The Google Easter Egg trick is one of the most popular Google tricks. Google often puts an easter egg into its search results if an occasion like, anniversary, or big release. There are several Google Easter Egg tricks. If you want to try one, I suggest you search for “Super Mario Bros” and find the easter egg.

Here are few Interesting Google Search tricks:

Out of all the Google Tricks, I find the above list seemingly interesting and fun. If you like them, please leave a comment and if I miss anything, please suggest in the comments section.

Have fun Google Tricks.


15+ Google Gravity Space, UnderWater Tricks – Anti Gravity Google
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